what is vmfer?

vmfer is a mfer derivative pfp project
creating mfer land and mfer avatars
in the sandbox.

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1. vmfer pfp

release a generative pfp project of 1000 voxel based mfers hosted on the ethereum blockchain.

2. buy mferland

buy land from the sandbox to host mferland and all of its experiences.

3. build mferland

build mferland and all of its experiences including a mfer derivative museum, sartoshi monument, mfer housing and so much more!

4. mfer avatars

build 10,000 uniquely generated playable mfer avatars in the sandbox. these would work as your "skin" for your character in the sandbox, but also double as an NFT!


the end goal of vmfers is to have a fully playable
3D mfer avatars in the sandbox. these will be 10,000 generative avatars, each with a unique set of traits.


who is this mfer?

I'm Matthew or 0xF15HY or Fishy, or whatever you want to call me honestly. Im a mfer creating in web3 focusing on the creative aspect of creating in this wonderful space.

When I'm not creating, you can catch me playing Dota 2, working or hanging on Discord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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how wl?
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what do I get?

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